Saturday, October 4, 2008

Workshop - CFF and Netbeans Plugin Development

We could finally manage time to have another workshop yesterday (what with all the never-ending sessionals & practicals going on!) The seminar was primarily held to introduce all the Sun Club members to the Code For Freedom (CFF) contest (Yes, it's back you sleepy-heads!!) It was heartening to see that a few (3) Second-years were also present for the first time!

At the start, I announced the CFF contest and all its details. We formed a strategy to go about it. In that effect, it has been decided that I (Vasusen) will be the 'Idea Bank', and all participants from our Sun Club should share their ideas or get new ones (if they don't have any!) from me (You are free to mail me!).

Later, Jay announced our very own SRKNEC - Blogging Contest! for the SRKNEC - SunClub members. I will post its details here shortly (Hold your breath and please don't die till then...). He also demonstrated - 'how-to-access-free courses-using-SAI' (SAI -> Sun Academic Initiative, for all those who were sleeping at the inaugural). Using the SAI password, our club members can access free online video lectures and notes to prepare for the grueling SCJP exam (If you yet don't know what it is, then God [or google] help you!)

In the end, Jay explained the basic architecture of Netbeans and its modular approach. This was followed by an interactive session where the students built a Google Toolbar Plugin for Netbeans!

I apologize to all the students for the hurried proceedings towards the end. I also assure you that it was due to reasons beyond our control (orders from HOD!). We would try to avoid such time clashes in the future!

It is hoped that we would have many (quality) CFF contributions from the 3rd years this time (as they have exams starting later).

Best of Luck!

SRKNEC - SunClub

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