Monday, September 29, 2008

Open Source Hut 2 (Updates)!!

It has been a month since we celebrated our 'Open Source Hut' at Polaris. I am overjoyed to inform you that our event has received the due global recognition and support from people at Sun, open source enthusiasts, and our own club members.
In the meantime we compiled a video of the three day event and posted it on the internet. Jay had sent this video to people at Sun Microsystems. This video was featured on the official site of Netbeans as an inspiration to celebrate Software Freedom Day (20th Sept. - and in case you are wondering why we didn't celebrate SFD, let me remind you that our college decided to have internal exams for all branches on that [un]eventful day!). The lastest news is that Sun has put this video up on the Sun Developer's Network video channel - click here to view it.

I hope that the video and its success provides us the necessary push to brace ourselves for more events to come.

SRKNEC - SunClub

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