Sunday, August 31, 2008

Begun...the SUN CLUB has!

I am elated to inform you that the SRKNEC - Sun Club was formally inaugurated on Saturday, August 30, 2008. Though we had started registering members about 15 days back, an official launch was due.

It was a simple function presided over by our dear H.O.D, Prof. M.B. Chandak. At the start he announced that Jay Mahadeokar is the Sun Campus Ambassador and I (Vasusen Patil) would be the president of the SRKNEC - Sun Club.

Shift Happens + Open Source:

Firstly Jay explained - Shift Happens (some of slides were taken from presentation by Karl Fisch). This took the students by surprise and set the tone for things to come...

Next, Jay explained why we need to change our outlook and also consider giving importance to things that are outside the curriculum (OpenSource being the 'it' thing!!) The significance of the Participation Age was also highlighted.

Then the opensource model was explained, and various open source technologies from Sun were introduced namely : Netbeans, Opensolaris, Java, SunSPOT, GlassFish, MySQL, OpenSparc, OpenOffice...

Students were asked questions and were rewarded with chocolates, CDs and DVDs for correct answers!

Introduction to SAI and plans of Sun Club:

I then took over and introduced the SAI(Sun Academic Initiative), its benefits and also discussed some of the plans for the SRKNEC Sun Club. Later, I also gave a short talk on Software Freedom Day and our plans to make it a grand event.


Students seemed really interested and though only about a 10th of the total college population was present, I think, it was a good start!!

The important thing is that we have begun!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Workshop on Mobile Applications using Netbeans.


We had conducted a workshop on introduction to Netbeans on 20th July. In continuation to that we successfully conducted a workshop on Building mobile Applications using Netbeans.(The gap was due to exams). Here are the details of the workshop:

Date - 29 / 7 / 2008.
Students Present - 37.
Time - 10 AM to 12-30 PM.

Conducted by: 1. Jay Mahadeokar, Sun Campus Ambassador.
2. Vasusen Patil, President, SRKNEC Sun Club.


At the start of the workshop, basic introduction was given to Netbeans and the difference between J2ME, J2EE and J2SE was explained.

Then the basic architecture of J2ME was explained along with the difference between CLDC and CDC. The various classes and tools available on the palette were also introduced.

Then a small application using Netbeans Mobility pack was interactively built by students. All the options avaiilable were explained along with the source code and the Visual Mobile builder tools.

A small homework is also given.

Next we will be conducting a seminar on Introduction to Open Source and Sun Club at SRKNEC Auditorium on Saturday 23rd August. Students from all branches are invited.

See you there!!


-Jay Mahadeokar,
Sun Campus Ambassador,
SRKNEC, Nagpur, India.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Event Update


This is to inform all III Year students that we will be conducting a workshop on Sun SPOTs and Mobile Apps on 19 th Aug from 10 AM to 1 PM at LAB - I CS Department.

Your presence is appreciated.

We will also be conducting a seminar on Introduction to Open Source at the SRKNEC Auditorium on 23rd Aug 2008 from 12-30 to 2-30 PM.

This seminar is open for all branches and also I Year students are welcome. The seminar will formally introduce the SRKNEC SUN Club to the college and it will be followed by a short talk on Open Source Technologies and why they are so important. We will also be enlisting the advantages that and opportunities that a student will get as a Sun Club member.


-Jay Mahadeokar
SUN Campus Ambassaor,
SRKNEC, Nagpur, India.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Opensolaris and NetBeans DVDs available at Department Library.


Please note that I have kept NetBeans and OpenSolaris DVDs at our department library and anyone interested can issue the same.
The Netbeans DVD contains NetBeans IDE 6.0 and all resources that will help you getting started with NetBeans includeing some demos and tutorials.
OpenSolaris developer edition is a 2DVD pack which has all 5 Opensolaris distros. It also has video lectures that will introduce you to all important features including D-Trace, ZFS, Clusters, Zones etc.
Please try out the stuff and if you like it you can take a set for yourself from me!


-Jay Mahadeokar
Sun Campus Ambassador, SRKNEC.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Google Group for SRKNEC SUN Club.

We now have the SRKNEC SUN Club "google group"- one of the major steps in the direction of mobilizing the activities - up and running! The group group will have all the necessary pages and discussion forum where all the important announcements and updates will be made. It will also serve as a platform for all of you to voice in your opinions, suggestions and any demands you may wish from the Club.

So I would encourage everyone interested to join the group and participate. SUN will also be keeping an eye on the group and any contributions made will be highly appreciated. Besides, group members will have additional benefits like:

1. Discounts while appearing for SUN Java and OpenSolaris Certification Exams.
2. Hands - On projects that Sun will offer for the clubs.
3. Exposure to latest Open Source Technologies via Tech -Demos, Seminars, Workshops!

To join the club, please visit - SRKNEC SUN Club.

- Regards,
Jay Mahadeokar,
Sun Campus Ambassador,
SRKNEC, Nagpur,India.

Open Source Initiative Proposal for SRNKEC - FY09

The SRKNEC SUN Club has had a great start with the NetBeans Workshop being a hit with III Year Students (I hope I am right - III Yearites!). After the Induction Program, I thought that we need a well defined plan as to what we need to to during the course of the year.

So, I thought of writing a formal proposal to our H.O.D on activities that could be carried out to start the Open Source Initiative at SRKNEC! This would serve as a rough draft of what can be done during the year. I have proposed many ideas which other Campus Ambassadors may like to implement.

The good news is - The Complete Proposal has been approved by our H.O.D, CSE Department and I have been given license to implement the plans.

I have attached the document here: Proposal.doc. Please go through it if interested. Any suggestions and improvement measures are welcome!!!!

May Sun Always Shine on SRKNEC!

Jay Mahadeokar,
Sun Campus Ambassador,
SRKNEC, Nagpur,

Campus Ambassador Induction Program - Bangalore.

I had been to the Campus Ambassador Induction Program that took place at Bangalore from July 27 - 29th as the representative for the Nagpur University. It was attended by 40 Campus Ambassadors all around India. We were introduced to all the mind-blowing Open Source technologies namely - NetBeans, OpenSolaris, MySQL among others. Along with the interesting technical sessions, and in-depth analysis of SUN Open Source Agenda and the CA program, we were also subjected to some really cool latest technologies and trends at SUN. The visit to the SUN data Center at DivyaShree Chambers was the icing on the cake!

Prominent personalities like Gary Serda graced the occasion and Ganesh Sir as well as the CA Program coordinators and tech leads ensured that we were smoothly inducted into this Sun-ny Affair! The program was smashing hit and everyone not only enjoyed it but also took home rich experience and knowledge.