Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheers to Netbeans!

Hi all!

It's the 10th birthday of our very own IDE!

And on behalf of the SRKNEC SunClub members - "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NETBEANS" !!!

At the SunClub, all of us have been using Netbeans to develop code in Java, be it for desktops, mobiles or even SunSPOTs. But we are always concerned with how can Netbeans help us further?

So, i have a wonderful announcement to make - Netbeans will be used to teach the introductory Java course at our college!

I have talked with our HOD and he has approved the induction of Netbeans in our curriculum. From the next semester, Java course will be taught to 4th sem students using Netbeans IDE and not the obsolete textpad.

This is one more area (education) where we are using Netbeans.
Cheers to Netbeans,
Long Live OpenSource!

-Vasusen Patil,

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