Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Workshop on Mobile Applications using Netbeans.


We had conducted a workshop on introduction to Netbeans on 20th July. In continuation to that we successfully conducted a workshop on Building mobile Applications using Netbeans.(The gap was due to exams). Here are the details of the workshop:

Date - 29 / 7 / 2008.
Students Present - 37.
Time - 10 AM to 12-30 PM.

Conducted by: 1. Jay Mahadeokar, Sun Campus Ambassador.
2. Vasusen Patil, President, SRKNEC Sun Club.


At the start of the workshop, basic introduction was given to Netbeans and the difference between J2ME, J2EE and J2SE was explained.

Then the basic architecture of J2ME was explained along with the difference between CLDC and CDC. The various classes and tools available on the palette were also introduced.

Then a small application using Netbeans Mobility pack was interactively built by students. All the options avaiilable were explained along with the source code and the Visual Mobile builder tools.

A small homework is also given.

Next we will be conducting a seminar on Introduction to Open Source and Sun Club at SRKNEC Auditorium on Saturday 23rd August. Students from all branches are invited.

See you there!!


-Jay Mahadeokar,
Sun Campus Ambassador,
SRKNEC, Nagpur, India.

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