Monday, August 4, 2008

Campus Ambassador Induction Program - Bangalore.

I had been to the Campus Ambassador Induction Program that took place at Bangalore from July 27 - 29th as the representative for the Nagpur University. It was attended by 40 Campus Ambassadors all around India. We were introduced to all the mind-blowing Open Source technologies namely - NetBeans, OpenSolaris, MySQL among others. Along with the interesting technical sessions, and in-depth analysis of SUN Open Source Agenda and the CA program, we were also subjected to some really cool latest technologies and trends at SUN. The visit to the SUN data Center at DivyaShree Chambers was the icing on the cake!

Prominent personalities like Gary Serda graced the occasion and Ganesh Sir as well as the CA Program coordinators and tech leads ensured that we were smoothly inducted into this Sun-ny Affair! The program was smashing hit and everyone not only enjoyed it but also took home rich experience and knowledge.

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