Monday, August 4, 2008

Open Source Initiative Proposal for SRNKEC - FY09

The SRKNEC SUN Club has had a great start with the NetBeans Workshop being a hit with III Year Students (I hope I am right - III Yearites!). After the Induction Program, I thought that we need a well defined plan as to what we need to to during the course of the year.

So, I thought of writing a formal proposal to our H.O.D on activities that could be carried out to start the Open Source Initiative at SRKNEC! This would serve as a rough draft of what can be done during the year. I have proposed many ideas which other Campus Ambassadors may like to implement.

The good news is - The Complete Proposal has been approved by our H.O.D, CSE Department and I have been given license to implement the plans.

I have attached the document here: Proposal.doc. Please go through it if interested. Any suggestions and improvement measures are welcome!!!!

May Sun Always Shine on SRKNEC!

Jay Mahadeokar,
Sun Campus Ambassador,
SRKNEC, Nagpur,


Varun said...


Finally, mastering the art of writing proposals ;) Well, jokes apart, this proposal looks great and I wish you and your team, good luck for the future.

Hope your club does great with a leader like you. Keep it up and have fun...

Adding more fun to the party, here's something you won't like to miss-

Think about it... :)

NetBeans Dream Team Member

Jay Mahadeokar said...

Thanks a lot dude! And certainly I wouldn't like to miss that!!!!