Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunny days at SRKNEC!

Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College, Nagpur, India has associated with Sun MicroSystems for the past year and a lot of activities and events have unfolded since then. The last year saw Siddharth Vadera, become the first Sun Campus Ambessador at S.R.K.N.E.C, Mr Rohan Ranade Sun MS, Banglore grace the campus and give a three-day long seminar on java - netbeans and other Sun - related technologies and we also saw students actively participating in various Sun organized events (Code for Freedom, Blogging Contests and more).

To make a long story short, Sun Microsystems has influenced many students in SRKNEC and as a result many active project and research is going on on various Sun Technologies - NetBeans, Opensolaris and Sun SPOT being at the forefront.

Me (Jay Mahadeokar) and Vasusen Patil (both IV Year, Computer Science) will make use of this blog-site as a platform to share the various activities and research work being undertaken at SRKNEC with the community.

Let the Sun always shine on SRKNEC!

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