Thursday, July 24, 2008

Announcement - Sun Campus Ambassador.


This is to formally announce that I (Jay Mahadeokar) have been chosen to be the new Sun Campus Ambassador for SRKNEC. I will take over the reigns from Siddharth Vadera - our First Sun Campus Ambassador.

Sun Microsystems has organized a 3 - day Induction Program for all campus ambassadors chosen from all over India. It is scheduled to be held on 27 - 29th July 2008.

I would like to consider this as an opportunity (rather than responsibility) to give my best. Mr Vasusen Patil (IV Year CSE) will be assisting me through all the activities. I hope I can give full justice to this role and all my teachers and colleagues will help and contribute so that we can take the Sun - SRKNEC relationship to a new level.

May Sun always shine on SRKNEC!



Amit Kumar Saha said...

Congratulations Jay!

Request: Please do not call Sun Microsystems as Sun MS- I am sure MS is not something Sun would like to see to be associated with! - Just my 2 cents!

Varun said...

Congrats Dude!

Have fun, and learn as much as you can...Just rock the world!

Jay Mahadeokar said...

Thanks Amit, Varun!

Amit - I will surely take care of that in future. That was really foolish of me! Thanks anyways!

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur said...

Congratulations! Jay

All the Best!

Jay Mahadeokar said...

Thank you Tushar Sir.