Sunday, July 20, 2008

NetBeans Workshop for III year Students

Me and Vasusen Patil (IV Year CSE) conducted a 5 hour workshop on NetBeans for III Year students of CS on Sunday - 20-7-08. Sumit Roy (IV Year CSE) provided valuable support.

The workshop was attended by 46 students and got a great response. Here is a brief account of the workshop:
Started at 11 AM.

In the introductory speech overall scenario of the Software industry highlighting the three main players - Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Google, what technologies do they provide and support. We mainly wanted to convey that there are various technologies available to carry out any task, importance must be given on building the basic concepts. Various questions were answered.

Quick Overview of java:
They had java in the last Semester. So we asked basic questions just to brush up the basics. (20 Chocolates were on offer for correct answers). The session was an interactive one and lived up the atmosphere.

Introduction to NetBeans IDE:
A basic overview of the NetBeans IDE was given. All students practically were asked to work around the IDE on their respective PC. The Major components like Projects, Files tab and all menus available were explained in brief.

Display of features using console based application:
A simple console based java application was taught. Following NetBeans features were highlighted:
1. Syntax highlighting.
2. Code folding.
3. Intelliscense(Automatic code completionusing ctrl+space)
4. Short Keys.
5. Debugging faciilities.
6. Exception Handling mechanism.
7. Refactoring.
And some more.....

It was almost 1:30 and then 1/2 hour break was provided.

Windows Based Application.
Next a windows based application was taught and all students created it interactively. How to create classes, Frames etc were told.

The application simply took two variables in text-boxes and displayed addition in third text-box when add button was clicked. How the code is automatically generated and what other options are available on the pallete was explained. The program control flow through the application was also discussed.
Introduction to Mobile Development.
A small hello world Mobile application was taught. The basic features provided by the IDE for mobile development were provided.

At the end the opportunities that Sun Microsystems offers to students in terms of contests were told. The open source stance was highlighted and its advantages were highly appreciated. A small assignment was also given.

The response was unexpectedly overwhelming. We plan to conduct PART - B of the workshop next Sunday where the students will be introduced to NetBeans plug-in development , how online projects are carried out using CVS/SVN and other features.


Suspended Animation said...


Zero comments shows you must take a workshop on blogging and its benefits to a programmer... :D

Waise it must have been a delight taking tech-gyan straight from Jay - " I love anything that says SUN" - Mahadeokar and Vasusen-"What do I do with a Sunspot"-Patil... :D

Great going...! All the best for the future...

by the way.. post some useful links of the sidebar... that will generate some traffic.. and ask people to write for you.. get some stuff here man..! and soon..!

Take care.



Suspended Animation said...

Take some contests... get them to make something.. offer prizes... and certificates...

Tell them to have something like Jay's blog... and tell them more about Sun microsystems... videos and all...

You can take the Sun Club places.. and actually do something..!

All the best..!

SAMIKSHA said...

That was seriously a very good session....
Netbeans is really fun and it seem to made java programming much easy...
we are seriously luking forward for Sun Club at our College..!!
Thanks to both Jay bhaiya nad Vasusen bhaiya for their efforts..!!
Luking forward for more such sessions..!!


Varun said...


Good Luck for your new role! Rock the world...


Suspended Animation said...

Cool response dude..!

Ech-Kay said...

Finally something concrete being conducted under the SUN flagship at SRKNEC... After the row created, regarding the role of the ex-SUN campus ambassador (unfortunately, my batch mate and supposedly, a good friend of mine), and the false-talk that he had indulged in, news about this seminar came as a pleasant surprise to me.

I hope that a new era is ushered in, under the able leadership of Jay and with valuable support from Vasu and group... I'll keep watching this space regularly for updates!.... Great job guys...Keep up the good work!

On a lighter note, and totally out of context, Mr Jay, please conduct all the forthcoming seminars on dates which are INconvenient for us! Hamare pet par laath kyun maarte ho? :D :D

Jay Mahadeokar said...

Thanks everyone!

We hope to receive similar response and enthusiasm from both juniors AND seniors, so that we can take the Sun - SRKNEC relationship to the next level.

May Sun always shine on SRKNEC!!!

Rohan said...

Great job Jay and Vasu. A good start. Miles to go, but a good beginning is half the job done!