Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I use this blog entry to formally announce our 'Open Source Hut' (an exhibition-cum-workshop on open source ) to be a success. During the course of last two days, we had 220+ entries for the 'SRKNEC - SunClub'. Most of these were from "Linux-fearing" (non-computer science) background! And I am glad that we could allay their fears by giving first-hand experience of Open Solaris, Ubuntu and other opensource systems. Also, the more than 300 CDs (OpenSolaris, Netbeans+OpenOffice, Ubuntu ) that we distributed freely helped a lot in changing students' general perceptions about OpenSource software.

This event was a first major victory for our SunClub; and with Sun around, hotter stuff is bound to come up.

Fasten your seat-belts, the joy-ride has just begun!

- Vasusen,
SRKNEC - SunClub

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Jay Mahadeokar said...

Check out the video here:


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We are on Channel Sun!!!